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"Absolutely delighted with my experience at the hair clinic! The staff was incredibly professional and attentive throughout my entire visit. They listened to my concerns and provided me with personalized treatment options that truly worked wonders for my hair.

Tejas P

Doctors team response is very good. Staff took care of me properly.i have completed 6 months , I have got excellent result. I suggest everybody to go HSN for transplantation. Thanks hsn

Rajanna Raj

HSN is very good. I had got excellent new hairs after transplantation. I never expected I will get like this. It's worth the amount i paid

Santhu sks Santhu sks

The shame I went through is been solved by Hsn. I have got excellent result. If you have bald Ness, don't sit at home . Go to HSN they are God sent boon for us. They will solve our baldness. So don't sit and feel bad. Go to HSN and be happy

Mugilan BaskarRam

Hsn is life change center.iam full happy Idid hair transplantation 4 th month back. My result have come very good .thanks you hsn

Mahesh Mahesh

I got my hair transplant done at HSN Coimbatore.the way of doctor's counselling is good and staff are caring well. Awesome results So happy for that me and my family and friends

john diva

I had gone to clinic to get a consultation. The consultation was free of cost. She explained very well about the various treatments and options for me. I could see the counsellor was very honest. Further, I saw a lot of patients doing their hair transplants there.

Krishnaraj Chadaga

Just done the procedure and discharge in banglore Ceneter... am happy about the service and Highly recommendable for those who wish go for air transplantation they are happy to do with good and advance technology if u have good donar site will get the good results in very affordable prices .

jestin joseph

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Why Choose HSN?

  • EMI options
  • High-qualified medical team
  • A huge number of successful Hair Transplantations
  • 24/7 post-care support
  • High density – 2 days process
  • Natural hairline
  • 4 plus years of service
  • Multiple centers
  • HT/SMP/Microblading/GFC/PRP all under one roof

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